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About Hydro-Excavation Cleaning

All Pipeline TV & Air Testing, Inc. performs hydro-excavation using a process of pressurized water and a vacuum source to loosen and remove soil. The process reduces the potential damage to the underground infrastructure while maintaining a productive rate of excavation where utilities may be buried. This service is used in locating utilities and trenching in hard-to excavate areas. All Pipeline TV & Air Testing, Inc. provides potholing services for locating underground utilities in a safer, more cost-effective method. By using a hydro-excavation truck we’re able to safely and quickly remove the debris while exposing the underground pipes and utility lines. This takes place of someone hand digging to locate utilities which puts them at risk for accidentally hitting a power line with a shovel or backhoe. The crew will excavate the soil with an air and water pressure combination down the holes where they plan to dig. This will partially expose the utility line. Then the dirt and rock debris are suctioned through the large attached hose and stored in the holding tank on the truck to be disposed of at a designated facility.