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Jet-Vac Cleaning

All Pipeline TV & Air Testing, Inc. provides high-pressure Jet Vacuum cleaning of sanitary sewer systems, stormwater systems, lift stations, manholes, catch basins, and other structures. APT utilizes special nozzles that force debris through the pipeline and removes it by a special vacuum system without damaging the pipe. This process is quick and efficient. Our vacuum trucks are equipped to remove and dispose of any debris or waste material. Jet-Vac Cleaning services include a variety of industries including residential, commercial, and municipalities. Our high-powered vacuum trucks can remove and dislodge any debris or build-up found in the pipeline such as rocks, sludge, concrete, and grease. Once the waste, material, and debris are carefully suctioned into the Jet-Vac tank of the truck, it is then properly disposed of at a designated facility. Cleaning pipelines increases flow and prevents blockages and sewer system failures. Our Jet-Vac Trucks perform vacuuming and jetting simultaneously to provide maximum efficiency.