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CCTV Inspection

All Pipeline TV & Air Testing, Inc. operators are NASSCO PACP and MACP certified. APT uses state-of-the-art technology video inspection equipment and software allowing visual documentation of lines from 4” and larger in diameter. This remote-controlled robotic camera uses a pan-and-tilt or forward viewing of color video offering full directional viewing in the horizontal pipeline, ensuring a clear view at all times. This fast and efficient inspection technique is used by contractors for routine maintenance check-ups and to verify that projects have been installed properly. APT includes a full report of logged data, supplied with video and still photo imagery of the pipeline interior on a thumb drive.
CCTV Inspection

Our Process

The process of video pipeline inspection involves lowering a robotic camera into the pipeline as it is being guided using the remote control. The camera can then pan-and-tilt capturing details inside the pipeline looking for issues that include cracks, broken pipes, offset joints, collapsed pipes, root invasion, blockages, leaks, and buildup of debris.